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Mozilla Summit 2010

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From 5th july from 9th july the Mozilla Summit 2010 happened in Whistler, Canada. An event organized by Mozilla to gather their most active collaborators and this year's theme was "Be more like the web".

This year the event gathered a little less than 600 mozillians from all over the world and 12 Brazilians among them. In the picture below we can find 10 of them (including me). João and Wellington are missing.


The place couldn't have been better, at the bottom of the Whistler Mountain, British Columbia, Canada and surrounded by landscapes like this one:


My first time at the event was awesome, the keynotes and sessions were inspiring and the demos left everyone speechless. The Web is about to take a huge leap in direction of a better user interaction and richer applications. And we must fight for it to remain open!

WebGL will allow us to render 3d graphics inside the browser with JavaScript manipulation and unbelievable speed thanks to hardware acceleration.

HTML5 will allow the inclusion of video and audio to a web page without the need of any external plugins, also a lot a coll stuff! See more at this wikipedia link and at the w3c draft.

I was flattered by the invitation and amazed by all the incredible things I saw and the people I met there. In one word: AWESOME.

To wrap-up, my flickr gallery with more photos of the event:

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