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Mozilla Summit 2010

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From 5th july from 9th july the Mozilla Summit 2010 happened in Whistler, Canada. An event organized by Mozilla to gather their most active collaborators and this year's theme was "Be more like the web".

This year the event gathered a little less than 600 mozillians from all over the world and 12 Brazilians among them. In the picture below we can find 10 of them (including me). Jo√£o and Wellington are missing.


The place couldn't have been better, at the bottom of the Whistler Mountain, British Columbia, Canada and surrounded by landscapes like this one:


My first time at the event was awesome, the keynotes and sessions were inspiring and the demos left everyone speechless. The Web is about to take a huge leap in direction of a better user interaction and richer applications. And we must fight for it to remain open!

WebGL will allow us to render 3d graphics inside the browser with JavaScript manipulation and unbelievable speed thanks to hardware acceleration.

HTML5 will allow the inclusion of video and audio to a web page without the need of any external plugins, also a lot a coll stuff! See more at this wikipedia link and at the w3c draft.

I was flattered by the invitation and amazed by all the incredible things I saw and the people I met there. In one word: AWESOME.

To wrap-up, my flickr gallery with more photos of the event:

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Cable organizers for your life.

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I have a pretty small desk to work with my notebook and all the cables are always hanging on the desk when the notebook is not there. These cables were always falling behind the desk. When you need to get them in a hurry they'll entangle on each other and make a mess.

A while ago I bought some cable organizers at DealExtreme e they just arrived. After a little bit of work (on replacing their tapes), look what I got:




My opinion:

The rubber part of the organizers is pretty cool, you just have to push the cable into it and it will hold. No need to pass the entire cable through a tiny little hole.

However, they will not stick very strongly with the tape that comes with it. I had to buy a 3M double face tape that is intended to outside use. It worked like a charm and looks like it won't be easy to take them off if I want to, so be careful with delicate surfaces like textured walls.

By the end of the day, I ended up spending a little bit more money than I expected, but for about 30 Reais (about $16 USD), I have twelve of these cable drop organizers with the stronger tape. A good price to pay to avoid your cables from falling or just to keep your desk organized.

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Cedilla on ubuntu 9.04 netbook remix

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A few days ago I installed the ubuntu netbook remix on my recently acquired aspire one d250. The machine performance is up to my expectations, but my objective is mobility. The keyboard is confortable and easy to get used with, except by the fact that the keys Home and End are function keys, awfull to code :(

My aspire came with an english keyboard, so I configured the layout to USA Alternative International but the cedilla still do no work as I expected! the result of 'accute accent' + 'c' is just a 'c' with an accute accent on it! hehehe

I configured the cedilla acording to this tutorial from Jansen Sena. Simple, effective and functional.

See ya!

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Change the look of your Firefox with Personas

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Tired of this gray window of your browser? The Personas is a Firefox addon that allow the user to change the background and font color of your Firefox with a couple of clicks.

You can also create your own persona and share it with other users in a very simple way.

Watch the official video below to get to know it.

Getting Started with Personas from Mozilla Labs on Vimeo.

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Installing TrueType fonts on OpenSuse 11.1

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To install new TrueType fonts (Microsoft or the free ones) you just need to copy the .ttf files to the folder /usr/share/fonts/truetype and then run the following command in your shell:

$ sudo SuSEconfig

Ps. For the absent-minded, you do need to use the capital letters as typed above!

Hope it's useful! ūüėČ

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